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Domestic Area


Home users can install pet flap for their pets in their home and can secure their windows and doors by installing fly net or mesh installation. We provide best shower replacement and other door and windows glass, wooden or metal work. Chandelier is another option for homeowners to make their home beautiful. 

Commercial Area
Businesses or Institutions:


We provide professional aluminium and tempered glass work for your business offices. We also provide sliding doors, door closers, door locks, and safe unlocking services for our clients. Industrial and commercial businesses can install safety mesh for more security reasons.

Our Services Include

Glass Door Repair

You might have chips, cracks, fractures, or any damage to your glass door. Our professionals will fix it for you. If your door is not properly closed or stuck, reach out to our experts to come to your place and fix the issue.

Glass Window Repairs Dubai

Glass Window Repair

If your glass windows are getting worse from wear and tear and are not closing properly. We will fix the glass windows so they look as fresh as before.


Table Top Glass Replacement

It is very effective if you replace your table top glass instead of buying a new table, which is a very cost effective solution. Our team can handle your glass safely and fix all the broken or scratched issues in no time.

pet flap service

Pet Flap Installation

Maybe you need to allow your pet to come and go more often and you don’t want to install a separate door. That’s where we come to assist you by installing the best pet flaps for your pets with good designs.

UPVC Door Repair

Keep your home or office secure from burglars and intruders by fixing and repairing damaged UPVC doors. You can secure your home and feel relaxed. If your door is not working properly and is not closing or stuck, we will come to fix it. Just call us now.

Aluminum Door Repair Dubai

Aluminum Door Repair

We fix aluminum door issues like if it’s not closing properly or if it has some dents on it. Simply contact us right now and we will send an expert to your location to repair the door.

Sliding Door Repair

If your sliding door is damaged, it may be the tracks gone bad, broken rollers or need panel replacement. We are here for help just reach us now.

Fly Net

Fly Net Replacement

If you want to get rid of flies, get disturbed or annoyed, just install the fly net or get it replaced if you have one that is out of order and damaged. Our experts are always ready to pick up the task and deliver quick service.

Safety Mesh Installation

If you need more safety for your workers, property, and equipment, try installing a safety mesh with our professionals. They are highly skilled in industry standard methods of completing tasks.

sliding door wheels

Sliding Door Wheel Replacement

If your sliding door is not working properly, stuck or not moving, it may be the rollers are worn down and need to be replaced or fixed. Here we will fix it for you. Just call us now.


UPVC Window Repair

If you are facing issues like water leakage from the window, foggy or stained glass, broken window panes, damaged window frames, or any other issue, we can fix them all for you.

Shower Glass Replacement

You can get your shower glass replaced by our professionals in no time. We provide a variety of glasses like clear, frosted, and tempered glasses to make your bathroom more beautiful.

Tempered Glass Replacement

We provide the best tempered glass replacement service in your area for any size and our professionals are highly trained to fix it.